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20th February 2024
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 This website is plain and simple.

Easy for anyone to steer around.

Novice friendly. No Uni degree required.


Our website is 13 years old   2011 - 2024 


WELCOME to                                                                         

            Bob and Robyn Williamson's                                            

                   BUCKLE COUPE WEBSITE


This is the site for you to find out about the history of the Buckle sports car.

Please browse through all the pages to find the information you want.

We hope this will stop some rumours about the Buckle Coupe.

There were only 20 Buckle Coupes built.

18 turn key and 2 sold incomplete for racing purposes.

Fibreglass body with electric opening doors, large boot area,

twin fuel tanks, hand built chassis with a transverse front spring.

All bodies & chassis are numbered.

All were built with Ford Zephyr 6 cylinder engines and running gear.

Some had different gearboxes and a few had a Raymond Mays 12 port alloy head.

Built in Buckle Motors' factory in Punchbowl, Australia by Bill Buckle
and with the help from some of his talented friends,
Ron Tauranac, Jack Anderson, Charles Buck, Norman Owen
and a team of fibreglass and car builders
and office secretaries Shirley Cary, Beverley Sharp





Beverley Sharp's 21st Birthday Party
L-R. Tom Barrenger - Bill Buckle - Beverley Sharp - Charlie Buck - Tom Wright.
and Beverly's Aunty Jean clowning around.


Sold complete as a car to the public, not as a kit car like most others fibreglass cars were.

The only true Australian Sports car built from 1957 to 1960.

So Buckle up and enjoy the ride.



The first person to thank is Bill Buckle
Without him, this would never have happened, his dream to build a great sports car.

Personally we would like to thank Bill and Alvia Buckle for their generous financial support when I started building this website.
Thank you John Shaw for your financial donation every June to help us with the running costs for this website. 

On behalf of all the Buckle owners, I would like to thank all the people who have helped us in anyway to compile this web site.
Hope you enjoy it as much as Robyn and I have over the years.

Our thanks for their help in some way, go to
Marc Lawler, David & Sue Miller, David Renoden, Martin Hall, Sam Puglisi Photography, Marc & Adrien Schagen, Bruce Taylor, Ian Winchcombe, Mathew & Rachael Edwards, Bill Kopsen, Barry & Lynn Jenkins. John Caffin, John Ward, Bev Baldwin, John Russell, Warwick Holyoake, Ray & Shirley Cary, Ian Clayton, David Cowley, Bill & Pam Cole, John Partridge, Noel Hill UK, Patricia Read, Gos Cory, Hagen Krantz, Peter Brown, Brett Sowerby, Shane Bowden, Brian Darby Aussie Road Racing, John Ellacott, Graham Howard, Ed Holly, Max Stahl, Ray Hyatt, Pim Newell, Jan Keene, Alan & Lee Criss, Geoff Keene, Viv Ireland, Simon Brady Photos, Rob Rowe, Ned McGoven, Paul Manton, Luke Manton, Jeff Whitten, Brian Little, Denis Gregory, Tony Dalton, John Comber, John Boucher, Jim Gunton, Lynton Hemer, Elliott Family, Maretta Wood, Garry Simkin, Ian Thorn, Campbell Moody, Jim Coull, Gavan Hatfield, Michael Bidencope, Alan & Maureen James, Neil McLeod, Chris Seam, Mark Cleaves, Tony Wise, Phillip & John Halcrow, Bill Towner, Peter Cowen, Trevor G Sawtell, Rick Kellie, Anthony Taylor, Merv McDonald, Amanda & Ben Crampton, Alan Glasby, Marco Bout (Netherlands), Geoff Vivian, Wade & Terry Kiggins, Teddy & Trish Webber (Laminating Man), Bob & Joyce Forbes, Greg Mackie, Peter Speechley, Brian Foley, Kerry Power, Stephen Dalton, Geoff Jacques, Terry McGrath, Malcolm Mitchell UK, Peter Reynell, Craig McKenzie, David Livian, John & Jim Kerr, Gary Nichols Vict, Philip Hammon, Michael Hickey, Kelsey Family, Len Ashworth, Brian Caldersmith, Peter Weaver, Peter Wilson, Gavin Fry, Graham Edney, Quentin & William Miles, Kerry Bayliss, Ron Watts, Daniel Tracey, Gordon Graham, Peter Burt, Bruce O'Connor, Cheryl Williamson, David & Geoff Medley, John Wright, Allen Seymour, Paul Cummins Cummins Archive, Rick Marks, Ron Simmonds, Bob Boston, Syd Grevett, Bill Dinning,

Plus all the current Buckle owners who helped with their photos & info.
Buckle, Lloyd, Lawler, Williamson, Goldfinch, Bayer, Billington, Semken, Shore, Crampton & Kranz  families.  


A special thanks go to the professional photographers,
for the use of their great photos.

Autopics, David Blanch RIP, Lance Ruting RIP, Peter D'Abbs RIP.
Peter Schell, Paul Cross, Mark Bean, Dale Harvey, Jeff Nield RIP.
Steve Haskell Photography, Scotts Shots, Stuart Row Transchroma.
Wayne Jones Spotzfotos,


Brian Doyle Cartoonist (Retired)
Thank you for your special cartoons.

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